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Exhibition introduction

The trend of automobile consumption upgrading and personalization get prominent. As the main component of the appearance of a car, wheels are the main embodiment of the appearance style. In recent years, along with the further development of the manufacturing process and technology level in the automobile industry, the automobile wheels and market have begun to show several major changes, to highlight high-end, personalized and lightweight characteristics.
In order to promote the healthy development of the wheel industry, enhance the influence of Chinese brand enterprises, disseminate excellent product technologies, and encourage industrial exchanges, the 3rd China Shanghai International Wheel Exhibition and Carnival Event will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong) on August 15-17, 2019. At the same time, the annual aluminum wheel industry event – “Five - new” conference will be held, in which, all the participants will jointly discuss the healthy and sustainable new products, new materials, new equipment, new technologies and new concepts in the wheel industry, unite together to build a professional, authoritative, international exchange platform for the wheel industry, to show the high level of the Chinese wheel industry exhibition and exhibit excellent brands in the equipment manufacturing field of Chinese wheel industry chain in a centralized way to facilitate development of Chinese equipment manufacturing.

Review of the last session

The 2nd Shanghai Wheel Exhibition and Carnival Event (the 2nd Wheel Exhibition for short) was successfully held at Shanghai National Exhibition Center on August 17-19, 2018. This Event was sponsored by China Aluminum Wheel Quality Association, undertaken by Jiangsu Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Co., Ltd., with assistance from CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd., Shanghai Size Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Arays Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Oriental Hub Inspection and Testing Center. The exhibition area increased by 14.3% compared with that of the 1st Exhibition, and more than one hundred brand enterprises of the industry chains in relation to the wheel industry participated in it, including CITIC Dicastal, Chongqing Chaoqun, Jinghanlin, Tianjin Lizhong, Jiangsu New Anchi, Jiangsu Pomlead, Kunshan Liufeng, Zhejiang Yueling, Shanghai ARUIS, Anhui Faster, Zhejiang Baokang, Dare Wheel, Zhejiang Hongxin, Shandong Zeroneal, Ningbo Landwheels, Inner Mongolia Zhongyu Magnesium Industry, Ningbo Qiyu, Liuzhou Arays, Shandong Juncheng, Tianjin Chuang Ming, Hangzhou Dingxin, Huachuang Metal, Jiangsu Wanyang, Hubei Hongmada, Henan Dewei, Anhui Wintime, Shandong Jinma, Wuxi i-Reach, Taicang GATZ, Yangtze River Industrial Furnace, Nanjing Nianda, Beijing Savemation, Beijing Prosper, Shanghai Kangjun, Shandong Himile, Shanghai Huangchao, Kunshan Kuafeng, Suzhou Kangyuou, Qinhuangdao Fengyue, Machinery Technology, Nanjing Hino, Qinhuangdao Sinolion, Shanghai Size, Foshan Nanhai Superband Mould Co., Ltd., Shenyang Neu-Sanken Industrial Furnace MFG. Co., Ltd., Jinan First Machine Tool, Shanghai SQS, Kaeryang, Qitian Instrument, Liande Machinery, Guangdong Bossay, Qinhuangdao Xinyue, Ningbo Sciences, Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Zhejiang Winpower, Jiangsu Tianding, Shanghai Dachun Environmental Protection Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Safewheels and other famous industrial brands, together with government organizations, trading enterprises, insurance companies and professional media, such as Management Committee of Siyang County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Yangtze River Hub Science and Technology Co., Ltd., www.tireworld.com.cn, and auto components and parts.

Same time activity

2019 6th Automobile Wheel Industry Forum and “Five-new” Conference
2019 8th “CITIC Dicastal Cup” Automobile Wheel (Concept) Design Competition

Scope of exhibits

| Wheel manufacturing enterprises (rims, hubs, spokes) | Production and processing equipment, intelligent technology equipment | molds and molding equipment
| Application raw materials and new materials | Painting process and environmental protection equipment | Testing equipment | Related supporting products

Target audiences

Passenger vehicles | Commercial Vehicles | Special vehicles | Motorcycles | Electric vehicles | Refitting factory | Refitting division | Refitting store | Wheel manufacturers | Equipment manufacturers
Traders | Agents | Distributors | Auto part market | 4s store | Auto maintenance and beauty center | Auto repair center

Focusing on three core fields

High-end: Large-size wheels gradually become a mainstream, and the mainstream size of the wheels has grown from 14-15 inches to 17-18 inches today.
Personalization: Wheels are an important part of the appearance of a car. Grand and personalized wheels could highlight the power performance and the personalized feature. In the car popularization period, it was a common practice for car companies to share a type of wheels among various vehicle models, while, nowadays, car companies begin to assemble different styles of wheels for the same type of cars, to reflect their individual characteristics.
Lightweight: Wheel weight reduction is the main link of car lightweighting. Wheel companies continue to use new lightweight materials and new manufacturing processes to reduce wheel weight for the purpose of fuel consumption reduction.

Part famous exhibitors ofthe last exhibition

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